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Custom Logo Guidelines

Good artwork is essential to produce a quality print on your shirts. We recommend that you allow the person in your organization who handles your promotional and/or advertising materials to review the information below, as they should have the necessary artwork.

Standard logo personalization is printed in one ink color. Sorry, we are not able to offer multi-color logos for personalization at this time.

Criteria for Submitting Digital Artwork

We need a high resolution (minimum 600 dpi), line art version of your logo, preferably without halftones. The lines should be at least 1 point in thickness, but we recommend a 1.5 to 2 point line thickness when possible.

• Preferred format is a vector EPS, which is created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Convert fonts to "paths" or "outlines", then save as an EPS file.

• If the file was created in a pixel program (such as Photoshop), save as a TIF file, at 5 inches wide and 600 dpi with no grayscale. If given the option, select "PC format" and "lzw compression". Do not "resample", as this will reduce the resolution.

You will receive an email within 1 - 2 business days after placing your order with further instructions. Please reference your order number when sending your art.

Please Note

It is important to understand that we cannot use business cards, letterhead, photocopies of artwork, or images from websites, as these will significantly degrade when reproduced and will not provide the quality print you will desire. If you do not have someone in charge of advertising materials, you may check with whoever does your printing, as they may have the digital image needed. If high resolution digital art of your logo is not available, we can reproduce most logos for a $50 one-time art charge. Once created, we can provide you a link to download your high res logo for use in your printing materials, advertisements, etc. at no additional charge.

We maintain the right to refuse submitted artwork that does not meet our quality standards. Thank you for your time and effort in helping us provide you with the highest quality product possible.